A walk to the sea

In summer or winter, taking a walk on the beach you end up often collecting shells, collecting and putting them in a jar waiting for something, an object, or just to use them to create a pair of earrings or pendants.
What about if we did something more complex?
Perhaps using what we have available, including those bits of rhinestones and chains that someone like me who work a lot with the costume jewelry, these things come in handy.

Nothing is thrown everything is recreated.

That’s all you need:
1) Shells, obviously
2) Chains, rhinestones, clasp for necklaces
3) Beads
4) Ribbons and drawstrings
5) Glue for jewels, metal shears, pliers and tweezers.

1) First step. Study what you have available and try to experiment. Start decorating the shell, which will be the central element of the collier.

2) Stick a tissue behind the shell, leaving a little space to sew on a string.

3) Sew the main drawstring and the others that will need to make the braid. Take note that you will use a needle and thread, glue will be used just for applications on the half shell and eventually to apply the leatherette covering the back of the work.

4) When you finished sewing, the drawstrings and chains start making the braids

5) Than, when you made the braids, check the work using a bust for jewels

6) We apply the resin corals, sewing them around the shell

7) Sew other drawstrings; they will be useful as a support for following applications

8) Make small holes in the shells and sew them on the drawstrings

9) to a seashell cannot miss the pearl, but before you have to prepare then and to attach them to the structure as in the picture, the metal eyelets are precious: they are the additional supports for subsequent applications.

10) Check whether the work is balanced, having sewed, we can remove or add.

11) I added a small mussel; its colour was a little dull so I used nail polish to give it brightness.

12) Later, when I end to wait for drying the enamel, I applied other rhinestones with glue for jewels and let it drying for about an hour

13) Stick the leatherette to the back and cut out the excessing leatherette

14) Cut the ends of the braid and apply the gold caps

15) Chain and lock and stop ... you can wear the necklace!

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